TATOO: Filming Underway With Vincent Zhao And David Belle

Much has been ado over the past few weeks with developments pertaining to the action pic, Tattoo. Leading the way is actor Vincent Zhao (God Of War) fresh from the set of a pair of upcoming projects, one of which saw him reprising the role of Wong Fei Hung among a folkloric ensemble cast for director Jeff Lau's Kung Fu Big League.

Yu Bo is producing with director Lu Yitong at the helm. Plot details aren't very clear but we do know the story is set in 1935 with Zhao tackling a role describe as "righteous and devious"; He plays a tattoo artist branded with his own birth year of 1900, who stands at the crux of a plot that centers on a series of legendary stories connected by mysterious tattoos serving as clues for something much greater.

The news at MTime from several days ago also reportedly hints at an action adventure with exciting stunt sequences, comedy, and touching stories of family. Tattoo has since taken off with principal photography as of October 17 with actress Raquel Xu, and actor and parkour extraordinare David Belle starring for its 2018 release.

Yi Liu Christina contributed to this report.
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