THE JADE PENDANT: Love In A Time Of Servitude And War In The Latest Trailer

Veteran director Po Chih-Leong (Hong Kong 1941, The Detonator) has arrived back in the press this season since circulating his latest Western period drama, The Jade Pendant. Crimson Forest Films nabbed the rights back in May and are now following up on its earlier teaser with an official trailer host to a cast that features actress Clara Lee, and actors Godfrey Gao and Tzi Ma.
Fleeing an arranged marriage in China, the independent Peony (Clara Lee) signs a contract to work as a “flower girl” in America, where she meets Tom (Godfrey Gao), an American Born Chinese cook whose father works on the Transcontinental Railroad. Thwarted by a Hong Kong Triad boss (Tzi Ma) seeking to extend his power into America, theirs is the tale of the first great Chinese immigration to the United States – a story of romance, bigotry, passion, food and a search for everlasting love – set against the largest mass lynching in American history, in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, in 1871.
Rounding out the cast are Russell Wong, Brian Yang, Nina Wu, Mark Boone Junior, Chen Tang and Madam Pong. The Jade Pendant is set for a theatrical release on October 24, commemorating the anniversary of the Chinese Massacre of 1871.

Watch the new trailer below and check for local listings at the official Crimson Forest Films website.

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