BALI: BEATS OF PARADISE Lends An Eye To Rhythmic Cultural Wonder In The Newest Teaser For The New Documentary

A few weekends ago I had the distinct pleasure of meeting journeywoman filmmaker Livi Zheng as she and a close associate made a stop in New York City. During our conversation we spoke about some of her current activity and it was much ado with her latest role as a spokesperson at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the World Bank Group and the IMF Global Media Gathering in Washington D.C. several days prior.

It was at these events the flegeling helmer hosted the latest teaser for her new documentary, Bali: Beats Of Paradise, themed centrally around Gamelan, a traditional style of Indonesian music which has also been used in James Cameron's 2009 blockbuster hit, Avatar. The film marks the latest follow up for Zheng who debuted in 2015 with a starring and directing role with actor and martial artist Ken Zheng in Brush With Danger, and will reteam with the one and only Yayan Ruhian in the coming months for the continued production of their next narrative thriller, Insight.
During filming Livi and her film crew spent a few weeks in Bali with the local people. Traveling around Bali they captured the beautiful scenery Bali is famous for, but more importantly, they learned how central culture and traditions are in everyday life. For the Balinese, life is a celebration. Each morning the Balinese are seen giving offerings; this is one of the ways they celebrate life. Livi notes that for Balinese, music and art are part of life. In Balinese life there are several important celebrations such as one's birthday, adulthood, marriage, and even when one passes away. Beyond those central ceremonies, there are numerous others encountered almost daily when traveling around Bali. Balinese ceremonies are very festive and are always accompanied by gamelan, the traditional Balinese music.
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Watch the brand new teaser for Bali: Beats Of Paradise in the player below!

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