THE TREASURE: High Seas Epic Adventure Ensues In The New Teaser Trailer

I don't know the full history of the upcoming action adventure comedy, The Treasure, save for its previous title and its expected 2015 release at the time. Beyond that, what we at least now have is a completed film aiming for a local November 2 release from Distribution Workshop, marking the latest directorial paring between Gordon Chan and Ronald Cheng, the latter who also stars.
Jau (Ronald CHENG) is transported back to the Qing Dynasty to rewrite his unsuccessful life via time machine. He sets off on his treasure hunting adventure in South China Seas as the legendary notorious pirate, CHEUNG Po Tsai.
Joining him on screen are Dayo Wong and actress Fala Chen, all in a 3D setting to augment the swashbuckling spectacle to come. The latest teaser trailer is here as well, so take a look!

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