CHASING THE DRAGON: Donnie Yen And Andy Lau Stir The Action The Explosive New Trailer

Action star Donnie Yen didn't wait too long before unveiling the full official trailer for the new crime drama, Chasing The Dragon. Sharing the helm are Jason Kwan and producer Wong Jing who shepherd this, the latest pairing in big name stardom for Yen and actor Andy Lau in what looks to be a striking foray for Yen in the prinicipal role of a once-prolific real-life notorious crime lord.
The year is 1963, an illegal immigrant named Ho (Donnie Yen) sneaks into British-ruled Hong Kong. Equipped with guts and combat skills, he plunges into the underground world getting into constant conflict with rivals. After many adversaries, the once good-natured man is physically crippled and turns into a monster more atrocious than all the most corrupted cops and ruthless drug dealers. Ho eventually emerges as the most powerful drug lord under the control of Chief Detective Sergeant, Lee Rock (Andy Lau). However, with the establishment of Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) by the law enforcement in 1974, Rock is forced into premature retirement. But Ho still insists he would not be stopped as he determines to become the sole dictator of the drug empire.
Last month's teaser sells the movie vibrantly on tone and setting. The official trailer, accomodated with English subtitles, brings the hard and heavy action that aims to please apart from the film's centrally dramatic narrative.

Yen and Lau are make their screen debut together and are joined by actresses Michele Hu and Xu Dong-dong, and actors Kent Cheng, Philip Ng, Philip Keung and Wilfred Lau, and UK actor Bryan Larkin. 

Watch the official trailer below!

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