Jackie Chan's Sci-Fi Action Headliner BLEEDING STEEL Sells You On The Thrills You Crave

Bear in mind the fact that Jackie Chan is 63 years old and he's still doing action movies. Say what you will about any number of his recent titles - some of which I might agree to regarding lackluster delivery, his latest upcoming return to the screen with Martin Campbell's revenge thriller, The Foreigner, has done plenty in ginning up excitement among loyal Chan fans waiting to see the honorary Award-winning action legend back in his element.

The movie opens in Asia later this month and in the U.S. in October, and for this, the same hype might even be applicable given what we're now being handed in the latest full trailer for Leo Zhang's new sci-fi actioner, Bleeding Steel which opens in December. Zhang's script here sees Chan in the role of a hardened special forces agent on the run from a sinister criminal gang, protecting a young woman with whom he feels a certain connection.

Village Roadshow Pictures Asia and Heyi Pictures co-produced and co-financed the pic which also casts Taiwanese actor and singer Show Lo and actress Nana Ouyoung with Callan Mulvey, Tess Haubrich and Damien Garvey also starring. Of course, results remain pending on the film, but Chan gets thrown right in the mix with some big, explosive action and stunts that sell it pretty hard here. It aims to please.

Check it out.

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