THE HIT LIST: August 28, 2017

I'm still in recovery mode and will likely be so for the next several days. I forgot that's what happens when you have as much fun as I did for two nights in a row.

Still, I had stuff ready for this week's Hit List and I couldn't help but finish it in time for you guys. Alas, the hits keep coming this week starting with a new batch of stunt reels featuring Fleur van Eeden, Veasna Keo, Ronin Skai, Meghan Koch, Joseph Roark, Brandon Recor, Deanna Page, Josh Brauer, Max Bojorquez, Emily Tung, Croy Tan, Fernando Huerto, and fight choreography favorite, David "Dax" Bauer. The finale hails from freerunner Aaron Burns with a 16-day montage of shots across five states for some inspirational parkour musings.


There's wasn't much in the way of promotion, initially... At least I thought so until I went online on Monday having spotted the first official trailer for Singaporean action comedy webseries, The Rulebreakers, remembering the poster that debuted weeks earlier. If the name sounds familiar, that's because I covered their earlier two-part shortfilms three years ago and both are still available online for your viewing pleasure.

For this, the upcoming series from the rebranded JUO Productions sees the return of Jaze Phua and James Fong back in school, and ultimately, back in even more trouble as their newfound co-ed setting turns their humble all-boy's learning environment into ground zero for this bustling battle of the sexes. Also starring are prolific actress Grace Teo with actors Alvin Richard and Andrew Lua Dai Jun, and actress Yan Kay Kay for the show's launch on August 31.

Check out the poster and official trailer!

Winding down the Hit List this week is a raft of some terrific short action jewels, as well as something with a bit more spectacle for gamers.

Lunar Stunts takes off with our featured brothers Irvin and Eric Nguyen while Jennifer Li picks up the lens for a few new videos as of late to showcase the talents of fellow talents Scott Seoul, Megan Hui, Oshima Haruka, Evelyn Chew and Darlene Rae. Deven Davenport and Corbin McAllister keep the pace going with a test fight of their own lensed by Chris Romrell while Erik Hamidullayev and Ayan Otepbergen arrive to the Hit List representing Kazakh Union, and Kamen Ramen's Andrew Kim revives the Tokusatsu fanfare with a new Power Rangers fight flick centered on Gee "Lil Bomb" Jay as the Black Ranger.

Darren Holmquist and Bryan Dodds get in a little clipper action with an Into The Badlands-inspired entry before we move over to South Africa where Grant Powell and Filip Ciprian Florian settle a score of their own, and David Conk hits the club scene in Mango's Fight.

Finishing things off is the latest full release shortfilm promoting martial arts fantasy adventure MMO game, Blade & Soul, with The Rebel and Clash stars Johnny Tri Nguyen and Veronica Ngo leading the cast for a story of a young group of newfound heroes whisked away to a fantasy world with new abilities. The janky special visual effects here are another story, but the fact is it's been the longest time since we've seen Nguyen and Ngo side by side and frankly, we could use more of it, methinks.

Enjoy the hits!

If you're still pining for more action, there is always last week's 8/21 coverage with plenty to take in. Remember to share the Hit List and subscribe to the channels for your show of support, and, if you or someone you has something equally kickass demo reel or project that needs promoting or sharing, forward it to us at and let us take a gander!
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