THE HIDDEN SWORD: Swords And Secrets Clash In The Stylish Trailer For Xu Haofeng's New Martial Arts Epic

Filmmaker and novelist, The Final Master helmer Xu Haofeng's body of work is a litany of fantastic and comprehensive martial arts cinema. His latest, The Hidden Sword aims to add to the succession with the consistency of the acclaimed helmer's own added touch having worn multiple hats on set for his own previous work.

Legendary kung fu cinema star, actor Chen Kuan Tai (Iron Monkey, Dragon Tiger Gate), reunites with our director for another offering inspired by his own literary work, setting in 1930's China where an elderly sword maker's skillset continues to attract the embattled, war-ridden outside world that once forced him and his family into hiding.

A date is still pending for the film following Screendaily's report in May of its acquisition by Distribution Workshop. Chen is joined by Huang Jue and Geng Le, actressses Summer Xu Qing and Chen Xia, and in reunion with fellow Xu cohort, The Final Master co-star, actor Zhang Aoyue.

The official trailer is now running in full view of fans this week. Check it out!

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