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While flawed in some aspects, Yue Song's 2013 action drama, The King Of The Streets, if nothing else, was a daring display of the fledgeling actor and director in his element as actor and martial artist. The hype never fell short in the three years that followed as Song's sophmore effort, Super Bodyguard, began its campaign ahead of its festival screenings prior to, and after opening in China.

The film even gained reception in New York City's cult Asian festival scene last year - something I would've liked to have attended but ultimately couldn't. Thankfully the film is getting a proper U.S. rollout promising Asian film fans something to treat themselves with this Fall, now branded with the title, Iron Protector, for its September 5 release on Blu-Ray and Digital HD from Well Go USA.
After the death of his clan master, Wu-Lin leaves the village for the City of Stone-cold to protect the daughter of the richest family in the city, Fei-Fei. When the city’s most dangerous gang attempts to kidnap Fei-Fei, Wu-Lin is forced to fight them alone and discovers an even more sinister power is taking over the city.
So that's the wind-up and the pitch. The question now is would you like a copy. As it so stands, Film Combat Syndicate is giving away FIVE Blu-Rays to fans who e-mail us at with their name and address before the contest expires on September 4 at 9:00am EST. The contest is limited only to readers in North America, and so we apologize to readers outside the U.S. for the inconvenience.

Good luck!
Iron Protector [Blu-ray]

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