MADE IN CHINATOWN: Cameras Roll For The New Independent Martial Arts Mob Comedy From Art Camacho And Robert Samuels

The next several months should get interesting with a crew of knowledgeable action cinema favorites backing the next generation of burgeoning screen stars and stunt professionals. Such would be the latest pairing between acclaimed martial arts cinema stalwarts Art Camacho and Hong Kong stuntman/trailblazer, filmmaker Robert Samuels for independent martial arts comedy, Made In Chinatown from R4 Films L.L.C. and Tambuli Media.

Executive producer Mark V. Wiley penned the screenplay that now offsets action actor Jay Kwon in his debut role as Vinny, an underdog Asian whose identity crisis and romantic interest in a mafioso's daughter inspires him to win her heart by becoming a "Made" man in the Italian mob. Kwon shares several TV and film stunt performance credits as well as a number of online shortfilms assembled together with some of today's best finds I've sampled in our weekly Hit List column.

Actress Michelle Procida also stars along with Tony Sirico and Vincent Pastore, Joseph D'Onofrio and Raymond J. Barry with Puerto Rican martial arts action star José Manuel, and kung fu cinema mainstays, legends Lo Meng and Hwang Jang Lee, as well as Norman Chin and Wai Hong. Emmy winner James Lew will also co-star is shepherding action direction along with choreography and performance duties from Team One Take's Hector Soria and Luis Candelario.

Cameras are expected to roll in New York City and Philidelphia from now through the remainder of July and likely in August with a 2019 release - such is my own estimation seeing as how independent productions are usually in almost constant flux. Definitely keep your eyes peeled!
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Made in Chinatown is now available to stream on Amazon, Hoopla, Vudu, GooglePlay, Xfiniti, Shaw, Rogers, Comcast, XBox, iTunes and more!