Hasumi Eiichiro's OVER DRIVE Meet Your Need For Speed In The First Teaser

Hats off to Wild 7 and Mozu helmer Hasumi Eiichiro whose latest effort marks a nice looking return to the racing genre for Over Drive. Its latest teaser certainly aims high on the octane for a good sample with a release date currently set for June 1 with Higashide Masahiro (Sekigahara) and Mackenyu (Jojo's Bizzare Adventure) leading the narrative.
At the SCRS (Seiko Cup Rally Series), talented young drivers hope to advance to the WRC (World Rally Championship).  
Hiyama Atsuhiro is the chief mechanic and an engineer at Supika Racing Factory. He is well regarded by his peers. His younger brother is Naozumi. He is an extremely gifted driver for Supika Racing Factory, but he is also a troublemaker. They continually argue because of Naozumi's reckless racing style. One day, Endo Hikaru becomes his manager.
Morikawa Aoi (Ninja The Monster) also stars along with Kitamura Takumi (Destruction Babies), Machida Keita (HiGH&LOW franchise) and Yoshida Kotaro (Teiichi: Battle Od Supreme High).

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