BLEACH: New Live-Action Teaser Footage Finally Introduces Ichigo's Heroine!

I wouldn't rest too long on actor Fukushi Sota if you're minding this year's intake of live-action manga fare. More footage is finally rolling out in the tiniest bits from his latest, Kubo Tite's BLEACH, hailing from director Sato Shinsuke of GANTZ and Library Wars fame and for that, we get a thirty-second glimpse of what last year's twenty-second teaser was all about.

Indeed, it's Fukushi reunited with Blade Of The Immortal co-star Sugisaki Hana re-enacting the pivotal moment in which a Ichigo, high school delinquent who can see ghosts is embued with supernatural powers by Rukia, a Soul Reaper injured from battling a "Hollow". That's the big creature meeting its demise and for an anime adaptation, there's a good chance this production did what it felt needed to make such a film happen, especially for a manga with fifteen years of source material...

Talk about playing it close to the chest. 

Expect more casting and more footage updates before its July 20 Japan release.

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