THE MAN FROM KATHMANDU Springs Into Action In The First Behind-The-Scenes Photos

EXCLUSIVE: American action star Jose Manuel made a name for himself in 2012 with Puerto Rico's first martial arts thriller, El Testigo. It's led him to a progressive career now blooming and the current subject in which he and I have shared two interviews to date - the latest in which we discusse his prevalent new action adventure thriller, The Man From Kathmandu, now in full tilt with cameras rolling in Nepal from writer and director Pema Dhondup.
A disaffected American-Nepali half Hindu-Muslim boy detours to Kathmandu on his way to join the on going war in Syria, but his battle against a local don who kills his grandfather teaches him to follow a far more greater purpose in life, and in the process he reconnects with his roots, culture and traditions of the Himalayan nation, which he had forgotten.
Manuel leads a cast that includes Nepali actress Anna Sharma, popular Indian film star Gulshan Grover and Pakistan's Ahmeed Sheikh. Manuel sent us a trio of behind-the-scenes set pics from the production over the weekend as he and several crew shot some night time fight scenery. You can't see much - save for one guy who takes a clear tumble, but what's there is there and if you know Manuel, you know he won't disappoint.

Take a look!

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