A BETTER TOMORROW 2018: Ding Sheng Samples A Remade John Woo Classic In The First Teaser

I'm a little hard pressed to believe the latest teaser for Ding Sheng's A Better Tomorrow inspires anything more than some mild curiousity. Then again, it is just a teaser and the man who brought us three of Jackie Chan's biggest films does certainly have the capacity to be hard-hitting with a touch of tragic heroism to boot - a fact somewhat notable in Police Story: Lockdown.

Does it make him the next John Woo? I digress, but he's taken himself to task with a cast that aims to echo such tropes inspired by Woo's signature 1986 crime thriller starring Ti Lung and Leslie Cheung with actor Chow Yun-Fat earning himself a prominent spotlight. The film also earned a few sequels before Sanjay Gupta's Hindi remake in 1994, and another rsmake measuring pretty measuring pretty well in 2010 from Song Hae-Sung.
A former drug smuggler attempts to start his life anew and repair his relationship with his estranged brother, who is an up-and-coming star in the police department’s narcotics division.
Sheng is reunited with Railroad Tigers cohorts Darren Wang and Wang Kai with Ray Ma rounding out the trio of principles now front and center as the film readies releases in Singapore and South Korea as of the summer, as well as Taiwan, the Philippines, India and Vietnam as of this Summer. A January 18 release is expected.

Check out the teaser!

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