TONIGHT SHE COMES In A Bloody U.K. Trailer That Doesn't Let Up

RWD helmer Matt Stuertz made a roaring return to the horror niche in the past year with his second offering, Tonight She Comes. The film has amassed more than enough reviews garnering positive responses from critics in addition to awards attained in Sydney and several events throughout North America.

The film held exclusive U.S. screenings this week hosted by The Asylum Cinemark theater locations only on Thursday evening and is now readying a November 7 DVD and Digital HD release by way of Studiocanal UK. For this, the latest trailer has just arrived and brings all-consuming gore and brutality horror fans can relish in.
Yesterday she was chosen, at midnight she was sacrificed, this morning she was buried. And tonight she comes.

After a young woman goes missing, two of her closest friends and a mysterious set of strangers find themselves drawn to the isolated cabin in the woods where she disappeared.

As the sun sets, they drink, laugh and flirt, enjoying the privacy of the empty woods. However, as midnight approaches, little do they realise that death is not far away…
Pre-orders are now up and running. Check out the trailer below!

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