THE MONKEY KING 3: Monkey Gets The Last Laugh In The First Teaser

It's nice to know that Soi Cheang has managed to find his footing with the continuing saga of The Monkey King franchise. After a dodgy albeit successful 2014 debut, its sequel proved even more critically fruitful and with none other than Aaron Kwok donning the costume full-fledged folkloric legend a few years ago.

Thus, the first of at least two more installments are on the way, here and now with The Monkey King 3: Kingdom Of Women slated for a Chinese holiday opening on February 16, 2018. An official teaser has emerged with plenty to hint at for its narrative as it primarily focuses on the story that sees our folkloric quartet of heroes venture unto a land resided only by women.

The result: Hilarity ensues as three men get their butts owned by girls... Not the titular King himself though as, of course, he's the King for a reason. Also, lookout for the obligatory evil villainess upon exit, and expect greatness.

Enjoy the teaser. English-language subs included.

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