THE HIT LIST: October 30, 2017

My weekend was a little nuts. It was also somewhat relaxing and I think I'll be taking more weekends off it seems. It definitely helps recharge the battery some - Plus I could use the escape to enjoy some films and shows, which reminds thoughts on Stranger Things: Season Two can be read by clicking here.

As for all else, you can just stick around for non-horror bits and enjoy this week's lion's share of stunt action and creative awesomeness in this week's Hit List. Jabronie Pictures's own Fernando Jay Huerto takes you to the mat with a supercut of wrestling moves he's used in his work, kicking off another round of cool new stunt reels by Anna Akimova, actor and filmmaker David William No, and fellow stunt players Bellamy Saville, Dylan Rampulla, Natasha Paul, Caleb Spillyards, Naomi Turvey, Amanda Cass, Troy Castaneda, Daniel Locicero, Ilana Collins, Tammie Baird and Rachel Lynn David. Finishing things off is supercut featuring the top ten most badass moments of Pierre Morel's hit movie, Taken...a fitting tribute for action fans that also welcomes Liam Neeson to the Hit List, and from that stands tall above its sequels in my opinion. Enjoy!

As for promotional tidbits this week, first up is a poster stemming from a project hinted at with Donnie Yen, Jet Li and Wu Jing being a trio of hams in a pic from which kung fu fans the net-wide went bananas. It's definitely not a new movie though, and although previous titled as Master, the newest banner has since come forward courtesy of Jet Li by way of Jack Ma with the project titled GSD (Gong Shu Dao). The ten-minute short is screening at a festival in China on November 11 prior to an online release otherwise pending, and you can read more on it by clicking here.

Next up is a poster I'm more than happy to help share for Robot Underdog's upcoming sequel continuations for Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope. The pilot launched in 2015 and has since garnered well over twenty-eight million views in a spectacular feat that provenly outdid expectations among fans and fervent critics of Hollywood's adaptations of Asian properties.

Both episodes two AND three are currently undergoing exclusive events screenings before premiering online on November 14. Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope was created by Donnie McMillin and Rita McMillin and stars Kenny Leu, Jack Wald, Amy Johnston, Tyler Tackett, RuthAnn Thompson, Katelyn Brooke and Lily Caputo with action direction by Z-Team Films.

Check out the artwork above. As for footage, catch the latest trailer below for Leslie Johnson's upcoming action short, The Legend Of Kung Funk, which will make its way to this year's Urban Action Showcase & Expo in New York City next month with starring actor and martial arts progeny, Marco "DaAnswer" Johnson (Beast). Just beneath that is the teaser for South African-produced tactical stunt action short, Spec Ops: Ultimatum from Grant Powell and Van Zyl Media ahead of its online release on Wednesday!

It's time to kick some ass this week with Peter Jang and Steve Bravler livening things up for for the last leg of the Hit List, followed by YouTube user SenseiGrimm with a first person practice fight for an upcoming Robin Hood fan flick which already looks like fun. 

Kamen Ramen Studios hits up the Marvel and Saban fan bases with an inspired fan flick featuring Black Panther and Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger before we reconvene once more with Wadi Jones and Anisha Gibbs in a practice fight themed as Rogue.

Chingiz Jabarov and Huseynov Davud go toe-to-to in a practice fight of their own, and Victor Plajas lenses some more Raid fan fervor with a Mad Dog-inspired action piece from stuntmen Malcolm C. Murray, Haga Akihiro and David Lavallee Jr. before we catch up with Amy Sturdivant with a delightful new practice fight preformed to the sounds of Sylwia Banasik's Pod Drzewem (The Hanging Tree) with Kiera O'Connor and Sadiqua Bynum front and center.

Joshua Zacharias tells the tale of The Ravager at Wuji Films prior to Benjamin J. Reddic III's latest outing at Ballistic Blade with the new short, Pit Session MMA. The playlist rounds it all out with DL McDonald hailing as the royalty to beat in episode two of Joey Min's new webseries, The Forgotten Kingdom: A Kung Fu LARP Story, and traceur and filmmaker Omar Zaki's new BMX/Parkour action adventure short, The Dropoff, with Troy Neault, Seth Carnes and Caitlyn Grace Larsen.

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