LOI BAO: Cuong Seven Springs Into Action With A New Poster

Film fans in Vietnam have a few more months until the release of director Victor Vu's new action thriller, Loi Bao. For this, we have some brand new poster art with its December 22 date stamped accordingly and all the essentials to help keep the hype going.

The film itself sees Truy Sat co-star, actor Cuong Seven back leading a new superheroic tale of a man whose verge from a cancerous death brings him to the forefront of a modern medical procedure. It's one that invites something of an entirely new body and a number of gifts like superior strength and fighting prowess, as well as a peculiar set of memories.

That's all I really know about the plot since everything else I can find is in Vietnamese but we have a story that reads a little familiar to a few recent titles. It's still exciting and sheds a much-needed light on Vietnamese cinema as much as I miss observing its stunt talent pool in action since the hey day of promoting Cho Lon before censors all but lessened the likelihood of great local film directors doing what they love with unhampered creativity (at least that's what it feels like to me).

For what its worth, Loi Bao looks like a worthwhile and quality effort with an equally skilled star on its hands. Let's hope this one helps keep the pace of the genre going.

Check out the new poster below and stay tuned for a new trailer should one arise.

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