BLADE RUNNER 2049: Watch The Three Prequel Shorts And The Final Trailer!

I'm pretty sure Denis Villeneuve's latest offering to sci-fi contemporary spectacle, Blade Runner: 2049, is selling itself these days. The reviews have all been faring largely well and intial box office numbers are looking toward $100 million dollars globally, which is properous for the most part.

Best of all is its director is possibly in line to helm one other of Hollywood's biggest franchises in 007 - this after earning vast favor with moviegoers on the hit 2015 crime thriller, Sicario. Personally, the first Blade Runner was a bore but I can understand its filmic and generational influence in entertainment for why it's revered as a classic.

I believe it'll pay off very nicely if the critics' reviews are anything to say for it. The trailers are a great emulation of what's to come as are the three shortfilms preceding the new sequel from Villeneuve and directors Watanabe Shinichiro and Luke Scott.

I shared Watanabe's Black Out 2022 in Monday night's Hit List shortfilm line-up. That said, I finally caught all three shorts and I'm more than happy to help lend some wayward eyes in reaction to my own viewing of the shortfilms as well as the final trailer which you can take in below.

SIDEBAR: I reckon this piece won't generate as much hype as the image of Harrison Ford literally connecting with Ryan Gosling's face has in the past week and all the more generating interest for it. Oh well. Enjoy nonetheless!

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