THE MONKEY KING 3: Legends Return In New Character Banners

It'll be another bustling holiday release for Soi Cheng's The Monkey King 3: Kingdom Of Women. Aaron Kwok is back in character and costume and readying for an early 2018 release as usually inspired from the pages of Wu Cheng'en's "Journey To The West", taking off from last year's hit sequel in which Kwok reprised Donnie Yen's own 2014 portrayal, and all of which have been box office hits in some capacity.

The film is now rolling out some new character banners in a campaign that will likely profuse further with more and more artwork as the months pass. The ones below are just the start of it so feel free to take a look at the cast in full-tilt threequel mode with Kwok joined by William Feng as the Monk, Tang, actors Shen He and Him Law respectively starring as Zhu Bajie (the pig demon) and Sha Wujing (the water buffalo), and Mainland TV star Zanila Zhao who plays Queen of the Womens' Kingdom as well as Tang's romantic pursuant.

The Monkey King 3 - Character Banners
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