Killers Heed The Call Of JUN In The Official Trailer

Director Robert Samuels (H.K.S.A.) decided to get a headstart this week, shaving off a few days with the release of the official trailer for Jun, the independently produced martial arts thriller hailing from R4 Films L.L.C. following its recent poster debut. The trailer premiered over the past weekend at the Newark International Film Festival while its feature film premiere this Fall at the Urban Action Showcase and Expo this November.

Jun stars actress Cheyenne, debuting in the title role with a story centered on a clone who uses her immense abilities - mental and physical - to assemble a group of killers to eliminate the organization that created her, and to evade dark forces and factions in her pursuit. The film also enlists a raft of actors action performers among its cast, including Teniece Divya Johnson, David Chen, John DeBlasio, Kage Yami, Patrick Logan Pace, Eric Moran and David Lavallee Jr. with appearances by Tresa Man, Stephanie Pham and Angela Jordan.

Samuels is best known as the trailblazing member of the Hong Kong Stuntman Association with credits such as Clifton Ko's The Gambling Ghost (1991), Sammo Hung's No Problem (1995), and Yuen Woo-Ping's Red Wolf (1995). Jun is produced by Robert Jefferson and Ariel Jade with Alan Goldberg, Oso Tayari Casel, Andy Eng, Mark Wiley and John T. Chang executive producing.

Watch the new trailer below!

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