JOHN WICK: CHAPTER THREE Shoots, Stabs And Jiu-Jitsu Slams Its Way To A 2019 Release Date!

Three years, two films and more than a global gross of $171 million dollars later, the fact is there's no way that the John Wick film saga was not getting third installment. That became clearer last October as well as back in June with reports of Derek Kolstad returning to pen the script; Chad Stahelski's involvement was still being ironed out even after sharing the helm with 87Eleven partner David Leitch for the 2014 original and debuting as a solo director on the sequel.

For this, we have new trade updates over at Deadline officiating Stahelski's return for John Wick: Chapter Three which now has an official release date set for May 17, 2019. Casting remains pending while the most obvious of the reprising bunch will be that of actor Keanu Reeves whose portrayal of the title character - a stoic hitman forced to violently broker his wishful exit from the highly-organized criminal underworld regulated by a self-sustaining global syndicate known as The Continental, which itself is in the works for a titular television series as well.

Stahelski is also shepherding a Highlander remake and a revised TV adaptation of Rain, inspired by Barry Eisler's series of assassin novels.
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