Tom Paton's BLACK SITE Casts Its Heroine And Supervillain

Production is already underway for Pandorica helmer Tom Paton's third feature film, Black Site. For this, news of actor Mike Beckingham's casting now precedes this week's breaking news of its official casting of actress Samantha Schnitzler (TV series 50 Ways To Kill Your Lover!, upcoming feature film Darkness Wakes)

Black Site hails from AirPick Pictures and Tom Paton Film and is described as a mix of elements from The Raid and the vision of H.P. Lovecraft. Schnitzler, who shares stunt credits on Scott Derrickson's Marvel adaptation, Doctor Strange, will play the film's central protaginist, Ren Reid, a member of an organization known as Artemis which detains and deports rogue members of a species known as Elder Gods.

The film sets itself twenty years after the murder of Reid's parents, wherein Artemis finally captures Erebus, the Elder God responsible only to face a new threat when its worshippers attempt to free their deity from captivity. With the facility on lockdown, Ren finds an unlikely ally on her quest with just hours left to avenge her parents. Actor Kris Johnson (Welcome To The Punch, Hooligan Legacy) will star as Erebus.

The film is being poised as a franchise starter with the first film releasing in 2018.

Black Site - Casting
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