THE ACCOUNTANT Calculates Sequel Prospects At Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. is reportedly advancing director Gavin O'Connor's latest action drama, The Accountant, with a sequel. O'Connor along with screenwriter Bill Dubuque and starring actor Ben Affleck are at the table in talks as well as producers Lynette Howell Taylor and Mark Williams for a continuation of the intial film that could see the return of actor Jon Bernthal.

The first film saw Affleck in title character, Christian, an autistic from childhood who is subsequently acclimated to his father's miltary and psychological training and grows up as a mathematical prodigy. Operating nimbly under the watchful eye of the governement as a forensic accountant for criminals, his latest assignment at a Robotics firm leads to a series of deadly twists that eventually put him face to face in a violent reunion with his long lost brother, Braxton, played by Bernthal.

The Accountant grossed just over $155 million dollars for its release last Fall. Affleck's next stint for Warner Bros. will be the November 17 release of Justice League while Bernthal readies upcoming SXSW favorite, Baby Driver this week on June 28 from TriStar. (Deadline)
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