The Brand New AMERICAN ASSASSIN Red-Band Trailer Teases 'This Is Just The Beginning!'

Michael Cuesta's new movie, American Assassin, is ready to flesh out more of its A-game this week in a brand new red-band trailer from CBS Films. Front and center is actor Dylan O'Brien starring as the on-screen iteration of popular literary protagonist, Mitch Rapp, a CIA black ops recruit who sets out to take matters in his own hands, training in record excel and killing as many terrorists as possible in the wake of a deadly attack that saw his girlfriend as collateral.

Joining O'Brien are actress Sanaa Lathan as CIA Deputy Director Irene Kennedy, and Shiva Negar as the lethal Turkish agent who aids Rapp on his mission, and actor Michael Keaton who plays Rapp's handler, Cold War veteran Stan Hurley who doles out some cold, hard hand-to-hand advice in more ways than one in this latest trailer. The villain, of course, is played by Taylor Kitsch who gets named as "The Ghost" - an apparent yesteryear pupil of Hurley's who has since applied his own training for some clearly notorious means.

The new restricted trailer is a great package for this title almost summing it up a battle between 'bests of the bests', priming what looks to be an exciting thriller ahead of its September 15 release. Check it out below!

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