PEACE BREAKER: Secrets And Corpses Pile Up On Aaron Kwok In The First Official Trailer!

You know the old saying "crime doesn't pay, right?". Well, underlying sardonic messaging there in Kim Seoung-Hun's acclaimed 2014 crime thriller, A Hard Day, served amply instrumental in its seething and searing delivery with Lee Sun-Kyun starring and ultimatley carrying the film in its festival uproar. Three years later and it might feel a bit sudden for some, although judging by how you choose to perceive Sweet Alibi helmer Lien Yi-Chi's craft, his latest treatment on the property with Peace Breaker might do some justice.

For this, we get Aaron Kwok taking the reigns opposite Brotherhood Of Blades star, actor Wang Qianyuan filling Cho Jin-Woong's shoes for the story of a morally bent cop who, in the wake of a family member's death, tries to cover up an accidental crime only to find himself in throes of a mysterious man holding him hostage from afar. What ensues is some pretty biting tension and high-speed action and thrills all culminating into that very aforementioned irony I spoke of. It's pretty comedic in its darkness and toxicity and you're more than welcome to watch the original as a preamble to see how this one might measure up.

The first official trailer arrived this week for the film's August 18 release in China. Check it out below along with character posters featuring both actors, and actress Liu Tao.

PEACE BREAKER - Stills And Posters
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