WRATH OF SILENCE: Jiang Wu Brims With Sinister Appeal In The Newest Trailer

The time seems about right for things to pick back up with Xin Yukun's edgy new thriller, Wrath Of Silence after a delayed release last October. The official trailer for it's previously reset date for April 4 has arrived with an invite for fans that both seethes and stimulates with chilling mystery, grit, and brutal action.
On a chilly winter's day in Northern China, a shepherd boy roams the mountains with his herd. Two days later, miner Zhang Baomin hurries back to his home - his son has disappeared in the mountains. Three days later, lawyer Xu Wenjie's daughter disappears as well. He picks up the phone and calls the only suspect possible. Mountains and the wilderness, people lose themselves in this no man's land in search of their blood.
Oft Xu Haofeng collaborator, actor Song Yang leads the murky, suspenseful narrative preset by Xin's own pespective of the trials and tribulations of impoverished rural Chinese life. Also starring are Jiang Wu and Yuan Wenkang with action sequences by Li Hongbiao.

Check out the trailer!

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