WRATH OF SILENCE: Don't Miss The Chilling International Trailer For Xin Yukun's Brutal Mystery Thriller

China's changing political atmosphere undoubtedly set the tone for quite a bit of backlog late last year for theatrical releases. Award-winning director Xin Yukun fell to the chopping block himself as well upon the stunted rollout of his latest crime thriller, Wrath Of Silence, although it appears at last the smoke has cleared and with a date set for April 4, the campaign otherwise continues with new posters at hand.
ZHANG Baomin (SONG Yang) is a miner who works far away from home because of some disputes he had with the townsfolk years ago, whilst his wife and son remain near the mountains running a small sheep farm. 
One day, Baomin learns that his son Lei hasn't come back from shepherding for two days. He goes back to find his son. His appearance back in town makes people anxious. 
Searching for his son, Baomin heads for the rough and dangerous mountains, but the resentment and distrust of the townsfolk leads them to turn a blind eye to the reality of a missing child, and the corruption and danger permeating their lives.
Also starring are Wenkang Yuan and actor Jiang Wu who appears as antagonistic in a slaughterhouse as one might hope for a film of this kind. Crowds at the 61st BFI London Film Festival gave reception last August signaling a buzzworthy hit for Xin who wrote the film prior to his 2014 debut, The Coffin In The Mountains, and with the goal of tackling measures of social awareness regarding the state of poor Chinese in rural areas.
“Our programmers were immediately gripped by XIN Yukun's Wrath of Silence, a thriller that blends the best elements of suspenseful drama, with breathtaking fight scenes, and a powerful emotional undertow...” says Clare Stewart, 61st BFI fest director as of last year.
“These characters represent actual people in contemporary China." said Xin. "They come from various social backgrounds, pursuing their own interests and ignoring each other’s lives. This is the crux of China’s current social fabric. When society as a whole is sick, no one can be immune from it. Who has created these irreconcilable contradictions?”
An official trailer may follow soon but feel free to spy an eye on Fortissimo's international trailer below along with a spate of posters just beneath. The footage alone will give you quite a gruesome notion about what the narrative at least partly entails for general perspective next to what we get in the synopsis. Beyond that, just know that if you're not one keen on looking at gruesome imagery, this movie probably isn't for you.

Consider that your final heads-up and wellthe rest is history.

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