Well Go USA continues to be a bastion of fun niche cinema with an impressive grip on Asian and action titles. This week, were giving away three seperate titles to select winners in a new triple prize giveaway host to a flurry of titles, two of which are already on deck for sequels.

Fukuda Yuichi's Gintama is first on the roster led by actor Oguri Shun and inspired by Sorachi Hideaki's longstanding manga of the same name; The second is Kickboxer: Retaliation, directed by Dimitri Logothetis and marking the midway point for a trilogy led by none other than burgeoning actor and action star Alain Moussi; The third bookends the latest ceremonial re-release of Miike Takashi's own manga adaptation, Ichi The Killer, having gauged select audiences for its 4K theatrical rollout.

All titles are arriving soon from here on out while you can now win your package with us! Just send us an e-mail at with an answer to the following trivia challenge:
Name the upcoming Filipino action thriller that Well Go USA just acquired last month for North American distribution.
The contest ends on March 20 and is limited only to folks in North America. Our sincerest apologies to our international readers. Good luck!

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