THE HIT LIST: March 19, 2018

I had it in mind this weekend to try and review a couple of films. That effort compounded into one and mainly for all of the stunt reel and shortfilm content I absorbed. A lot of the entries I found and received were overwhelmingly good, although there was just some fat I had to cut. But... I think this is a delightful gathering!

L to R (top): Jenna Hellmuth, Anthony Hoang, Sean Kohnke, Matt Healey, Stephanie Pham
L to R (bottom): Alexander Burgos, Ashley Fidow, Deville Van Niekirk, Hannah D. Scott, Adam Chase
Shai DeBroux is up first in a new round of stunt reels to start The Hit List for the week, and with a lively montage of material more than happily shared including her work at Sloyerstunts, Wolf Stunts and even with Vlad Rimburg to boot. Continuing the playlist are stuntman Eugene Bonislavskiy, Anthony Oh, Alexander Burgos, Gabrielle Perrea, Daniel Nelson, Adam Chase, Lyneé Orloff, Wales' premiere martial arts star and Hollywood fight coordinator Marcus Shakesheff, Brandon Smith, Steven Sandoval, Megan Taylor, Lucas Wilson, Dominique Smith, Zander Nicastro, Ashley Fidow, Cyrus Leisy, and a lively sampler from Quiet Flame Productions.

Time to promote some stuff, which is exactly what stuntman, fight choreographer and filmmaker Rustic B. hopes to achieve through March 30 with the Spring Fight Scene Challenge. "Epic" is the theme with no more than two weeks for fellow aspiring screenfighters, stunt performers and eager action fans willing to engage, have fun and put in the good work for fellow fans of fight cinema within a short time frame.

Following that is a new promo to help crowdfund several more episodes of a fantastic webseries for anyone with an affinity for cheeky spy action comedies of the 1960s and 70s. Feel free to hit this Kickstarter link for all you need to know on what you can do to bring more of The Sandra West Diaries to life from director Robert Griffith and starring award-winning actress Olivia Dunkley.

Looking to embolden independent cinema a little further, Rita and Donnie McMillin, the in-house creators of the winning Robot Underdog miniseries Dragonball: Light Of Hope, are offering fans and fellow creatives a chance to share their platform. Director Hisonni Johnson's latest inspired bit of fanfare, Red Hood: IT is up first with additional insight about the plot and setting that ultimately puts iconic killer clown Pennywise right into the DC universe.

Last and far from least is an actual trailer for a project hailing from an interesting German filmmaking collective known as It's All For The Moment. Their latest, Turn Coat, beckons with military style thrills and spectacle just over a year and a half in principal photography and post-production for a release to be had soon.


Anthony Hoang and Matt Healey Clash this week to kick off the Fights And Films segment of The Hit List, but only a warm up that continues with a hard-hitting throwdown between Hannah D. Scott and Jenna Hellmuth before we engage Lauren Mary Kim for a fifth entry into the Kali Diaries as she trades Armadas, Queixadas and Negativas with Capoeira professor Alfred Kendrick.

Hailing from the set of Troy: Fall Of The City series are stunt players Stuart Williamson and DeVille Van Niekirk for some cool sword-and-sandal action just before we touch base once more with their latest return to female-centric fight thrills in Lady with Stephanie Pham and Angela Jordan. Following that is Kaixiang Zhang as he breaks out the fisticuffs and Michael Jackson dance moves for a group of young screenfighting talents for 777Raw Street's new short, Young Dragon Fist. Lunar Stunts's Eric Nguyen continues the playlist with his latest 80s survival homage, Last Man Standing, and with it, a Happy Belated Birthday to the amigo (as sure as I am that he read this)!

Shots ring out for the longer-form jewels now online in the playlist, all of which are a stellar sight to see with the release of R4 Films L.L.C.'s new webseries premiere, Final Contact featuring Raymond Blong as an agent forced to fight his way out of The Chamber with a mysterious briefcase in hand. Tune into the channel for more episodes following this one to keep up with the narrative host to a rousing amalgam of action sequences by TeamOneTake with performances this week by Vanessa Bontea and Terrell Southwind Bullock.

Revenge is the theme that rounds out the remaining three projects of note this week as Joseph Roark takes on a villain of psychological sway in Dominique Smith's The Man From Somewhere, led by Thomas Culler and with Greg Poljacik, Danya Bateman and Tony Vo. Film Combat Syndicate favorites Steven Chan and Hayden Lam neighbor next with actress Sunny Tellone laying waste in a one-woman assault on a compound brimming with mercenaries armed with anything that can shoot, cut, and kill as she matches blow for blow in Vindicta from Ronin Visual and Brazen Action Design.

Last and far from least is Sean Kohnke returning once more as the man who fought his way from Johnny's grip just last year, thus with the woman he loves now in danger and only to now have to fight his way back in. Kohnke is joined by reprising title villain Aidan Pringle for the two-part high-energy action thriller finale, I'm Out Johnny 2.0, directed by Tanay Genco Ulgen for Stunt Fighter Vancity Entertainment Production and with Anthony Bailey, Tsuji Shota and Oshima Haruka also starring.

L to R (top): Thomas Culler, Angela Jordan, Dominique Smith, Shai Debroux, Stuart Williamson
L to R (bottom): Rustic Bodomov, Vanessa Bontea, Zander Nicastro, Lauren Mary Kim, Daniel Nelson
I'm pretty sure this was enough to have your fill. At any rate, you can always enjoy entries prior and onward, but do subscribe to the channels and share The Hit List with friends. Of course, even you can engage a spot in our weekly column here if you have a stunt reel, a screenfighting practice piece or shortfilm that you think needs promoting or sharing. Just contact us at, or message us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
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