THE HIT LIST: March 12, 2018

The second season of Marvel's Jessica Jones was a great escape for the weekend. I'd also add Starz series, Spartacus and Korean miniseries Tong: Memories to the list. Matters pertaining to this week's entries for The Hit List were all the same and very much entertaining, stunt reels, projects and teasers therein.

The first of the three kicks off our weekly amalgam of gems as always and now with the stylings of stuntman Cameron Okubo, followed by Michael Bekemeier, Adam Shippey, Jonathan King, Heather Bonomo, Justin Fischer, Brandon Shaw, Justin Clarke, Jose Guns Alves, Kylie Ripple, Skyler Mowatt and stunt sibs David and Daren Nop showcasing their latest pairing in a work reel of their own. Rounding out the playlist in riproaring fashion with substance AND style are Bill Scharpf, and in good company with the forthcoming release of Mission: Impossible - Fallout, stunt coordinator Wade Eastwood!

Time to promote some things for you and first up are a trio of stills hailing exclusively here from us at Film Combat Syndicate for Mikko Löppönen for post-apocalyptic thriller short, The Long Dark. Löppönen teams once more with actress Jessica Wolff who leads the story of mankind as it struggles to survive global dystopia in wake of an unknown horror.

Löppönen was the center of our most recent cover story and you can read all about here. In the meantime, The Long Dark lights the way in the mini-album below!

More pictorals arise as well and courtesy of actor, martial artist and filmmaker Robert Samuels (HKSA) (Red Wolf, No Problem), whose activity in matters of independent action cinema in the upper east coast has since seen him transition his craft to the online action niche as well. Samuel's R4 Films LLC banner presses on these days in accordance with TeamOneTake Action Design, and to be sampled amply in the upcoming webseries, Final Contract, pitting a raft of screenfighting talent in a fight-hearty fest of fisticuffs over the contents of a mysterious and prized briefcase.

Starring are Terrell Southwind Bullock and Vanessa Bontea shepherding the villain end of things opposite Raymond Blong with Soria presenting the fight action with Luis Orlando Candelario. Samuel is rejoined by fellow film cohort Robert Jefferson in penning the narrative with Eng Andy, Alan Goldberg, Oso Tayari Casel and Dr. Mark Wiley serving as executive producers.

As for trailers we begin with Art School Dropouts dropping back into the Hit List to bring the pain once more in upcoming action short, Lady, with Stephanie Pham and Angela Jordan.

Following that is a teaser from a group a greatly familiarized myself with last year with a short action comedy series called Reload, and now they're back and packing brutality with Still Alive featuring Lydia Sarks, Nick Wright and Mitch Wright.

Last and far from least is a project with a title that more than hints at its influence in both wording and design. Sobering music fuels the emotive, sullen tone instituting the dramatic conveyance and tasty fight scenery host to Thomas Cullen who leads Dominique Smith's latest, The Man From Somewhere with Danya Bateman, Tony Vo, Greg Poljacik, Chloe Gingold and fight choreographer Joseph Roark.

Kicking off this week's delivery of fights and films is a dauntless new kidnapping thriller that sees Duke Jackson fighting tooth and nail to rescue a woman from a pair of hatchetmen in The Pain Body, featuring Jackson who heeds the action with co-star Billy Bussey. Sakaeda Ayami and Nicholas DeKay also star.

Kyle Potter contributes twice to the start of this week's YouTube playlist of fight fare and first up is a short action demo with up-and-comer Donna Lee, with the second blazing up in comedic form with Hit That, also featuring Lee, as well as Will Greenburg and Jacob Ellis. Kai Young also makes yet another return to the Hit List with stellar broadsword gems opposite Jon Beal prior to that of Amy Studivant lensing some practice time with Yavuz Topuz and Armand Rabanal, and Selkie Hom and Shahaub Roudbari as they romance the dance floor with sounds in the key of Celine Dion and a touch of judo jest in Dancing With The Scars.

Stuntman Hans Marrero shares what Vlad Rimburg lenses in the pre-viz fight action for S. S. Rajamouli's 2015 epic, Baahubali featuring Marrero opposite Chad Guerrero, and actors Nick Verdi and Torrey Vogel headline the culminating intense icy Western front with Wild Lands from director Justin Gant, thus completing The Hit List for your own enjoyment in the playlist below!

That's all for the week but as always, as there will be more next week, there is still the enjoyment of last week's entries if you've missed them. Tune in, subscribe to the channels and share the Hit List with friends, and by all means - if you have your own stunt reel or action shortfilm project of equal measure that you'd like shared, share it with us at and we'll be glad to take a look!
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