The First Teaser For Ng Yuen-Fai's WARRIORS OF FUTURE Lends An Auspicious Glance At Chinese Sci-Fi Action And Fantasy

One Cool Film Group
Leave it to Louis Koo and an ambitious VFX wizard with a filmic vision of equal caliber to further lend competitve weight this week with an official look at upcoming sci-fi thriller, Warriors Of Future. The $56 million dollar spectacle hails a slick, stylish and strong-looking debut for director Ng Yuen-fai now hitting the Filmart floor in Hong Kong under Koo's One Cool Film banner, and with the actor/producer joined once more by fellow film cohort, actor Sean Lau.
In the not-too-distant future, pollution and global warming have left Earth barren, a giant meteorite crashed down and an odd looking vine started to grow from it. While this vine, people called it Pandora, sucked up the smog and began to purify Earth, it also grew at high speed destroying anything in sight. When the genetic map of Pandora was revealed, genetic modification became the last hope for mankind.
The project took years to fashion having eventually premiered a few glances in recent years with proof-of-concept teasers titled Virtus prior to its production start last February. Alas, an official date remains pending but that hasn't stopped the campaign from launching in stellar fashion with an official teaser that goes bold in scope fitting for a sci-fi thriller that will put butts in seats. And not for nothing either.

Mech suits, robots and splashy visuals permeate Ng's latest here in pleasing fashion at a time when big scale thrillers like Rampage, Pacific Rim: Uprising and all else in Marvel's MCU are all the rave. Ng and Koo surely had his work cut out for themselves and with the gist of their ideas essentially built from scratch, as Ng himself indicated on Monday:
"Unlike historical or mythological epics, where there are existing frameworks, backgrounds, and sources, we have to create the world in Warriors of Future on a blank piece of paper," Ng told The Hollywood Reporter.

"While the story is set in a realistic looking world, we have to design everything in the film – from the alien monster to the costumes, the underwear the actors wear, armored vehicles, everything, to create consistency and make it convincing for the audience," Ng added.
You can read more here, while there's no need to wait any further. Watch the teaser below and join in on the buzz!

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