THE DEBT COLLECTOR Trailer: Big Balls, A Fast Fist And White Wall Tires Set The Pace For Another Johnson/Adkins Thrillride

The renaissance of late seeing stunt professionals taking to the helm and winning sizeably has all but been signature for action genre fans. Adding to the excitement is the work of director Jesse V. Johnson whose momentum simply continues to increase in the wake of titles like The Package and The Beautiful Ones, along with subsequent several pairings in the last few years with actor Scott Adkins.

Thus, gracing netizens everywhere this week is the latest trailer footage for The Debt Collector, pitching a swift crime thriller emboldened with dramtic wit and chemistry, and refreshing stunt sequences characteristic of Luke LaFontaine. There's no precise info on release dates safe for mention of a June deadline depending on where you look but I imagine official details will get sharper as the weeks pass.
French (Scott Adkins, Marvel’s “Doctor Strange”) is running a martial arts gym, training promising new fighters– but it hasn’t exactly been paying the bills. To make ends meet, he begins working for the notorious but Big Tommy (Vladimir Kulich, “The Equalizer”), servicing various criminal outfits throughout Southern California.
Working by a number scale, with #10 being a threatening, to a #1 being a full-on trip to the hospital, French and his partner Sue (Louis Mandylor, “Code of Honor”) are in charge of chasing down any kind of criminal and low-life who owes money to their organization.
Sliding through traffic from one job to another; beating, fighting, chasing and breaking bones, the job is always something new. But it’s only when French has to track down an Irish bar-keep with a secret, that he encounters anyone worth saving and he will have to question himself if he will do the right thing… for once.
The film reunites Mandylor with Battle Drone co-star Michael Paré, and also stars Rachel Brann, Selina Lo, Robert Rusler and Tony Todd. Enjoy the trailer!

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