Nick Cheung Lines Up Courtroom Action Drama, GUILT BY DESIGN

One Cool Film
Nick Cheung has been sweeping Filmart in the last two days with a number of projects. Perfect Village Entertainment's Guilt By Design is one of them, produced in association with Grand Canal Pictures and Mei Ah Films with Hong Kong film trio Lai Siu Kwan, Sze Pak Lam and Yongtai Liu helming the project in whole as their debut.

The film hails from its prior showing as an award-winning at the Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum back in 2016. Per The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday, Derek Yee, Jason Guo and Perfect Village president and CEO Ellen Eliasoph are producing the film which sees Cheung starring as a former hypnotist whose only solution for saving his daughter's life from mysterious kidnappers is to convince his fellow jurors to render a guilty verdict by meticulously hypnotizing them.
“Guilt by Design is a quintessential high-concept Hong Kong action/suspense thriller that marks the directorial debut of a brilliant trio of young Hong Kong writer/directors," Ellen Eliasoph, president and CEO of Perfect Village Entertainment. "This is a uniquely thrilling project in that, while its story, genre and style harken back to the finest traditions of Hong Kong filmmaking, its young creators can be said to represent the local film industry’s very promising future.”
Cheung's next appearance will be in upcoming crime thriller starring in his own third directorial offering, The Trough, which opens in China on April 28.
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