MARIA: 'Nilalang' Director Teases Female-Centric Action Thriller With A Sultry New Poster

Look forward to official extra details later this month as market news arises. For now, we can assert that while Nilalang director Pedring Lopez isn't touching on Dacascos/Southworth vehicle, Breach anytime soon, instead, he's switching gears and readying female-centric actioner, Maria, with actress Cristine Reyes who appeared in the Metro Manila Film Festival favorite of 2012, El Presidente.
A highly trained cartel assassin. She was a former special forces member trusts into the life of crime due to the generals she works for. She was supposed to do one last job, but when she deliberately missed her target, a wife, and child of a senator that is causing problems for the cartels she became the target. Now the hunter becomes the hunted. she was eventually captured and brought to a boat where she was beaten RAPED and tortured, she managed to fight her way out to escape from her captors and managed to lodge a grenade that exploded boat. Now, presumed dead and a lost love...She goes after the cartel...for one last job...To kill every last one of them who killed the people she loved. 
To boot, we also have a sultry teaser poster circulating as of Monday which you can view below in full.

Lopez's 2016 hit action horror, Nilalang, earned several wins and nominations at festivals including MMFF, and events in Spain and Los Angeles. The film stands as one of several in recent memory currently as directors and local stunt talent make their efforts to turn the tide for the action genre in Philippine cinema, with Erik Matti's BuyBust serving as one of the latest headlining examples next to Lopez's Maria.

Actor and stuntman Germaine De Leon and Nilalang co-star Meg Imperial currently round out the cast and are joined by fight choreographer Sonny Sison since applying his craft on Lopez's Nilalang and Erik Matti's BuyBust.

Viva Entertainment is backing the film next to BlackOps Studios Asia banner whose Lopez will also serve as executive producer. Vincent del Rosario II, Rex Lopez and Maia Yambao are producing with Ava Yap associate producing, and with Vic del Rosario Jr. also executive producing.
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