Live-Action TERU KONDA'S LEGAL RECIPIES Trailer: Teenage Yakuza Leads A Tale Of Crime, Love And Culinary Self-Discovery For New Amazon Japan Series

What's a teenage gangster to do when he loves cooking just as much? Mada Isuke's 2015 manga publication serves the basis for answering this question in showrunner Horai Tadaaki's latest exclusive Amazon Prime series release, Teru Konda's Legal Recipes on March 6 in Japan.
Konda Teru is a third-year high school student and gang member of the Shimofuriniku-gumi. He lives with death in a world of guns, torture and fighting, but gunpowder smoke can make him think of mackerel grilled with salt. Konda attends school with classmate Haru Maki. Despite being faced with the dangers to his life and swamped by schoolwork, he takes inspiration from his day and creates exquisite food daily with wild imagination. This food gets him through difficult gang situations, at times sparks love and even saves people’s lives.
Bros. Maxman star Ryusei Ryo and Assassination Classroom actress Yamamoto Maika lead the cast next to Aoyagi Sho of Tatara Samurai and HiGH&LOW film saga fame, Ken and Kazu star Kato Shinsuke and Fullmetal Alchemist co-star Uchiyama Shinji among others. I can't say exactly how long it will be before this reaches overseas but this looks tons amazing, and I just finished watching Samuari Gormet and all three current seasons of Food Wars in recent months so, yeah...

Affectionate gangster tale with a touch of romance, action and kitchen savviness? Yes, I am ready for this, as I'm certain others in my region are. Bring it.

Check out the teaser and most recent trailer below.

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