BATTLE DRONE: Watch The Trailer For The Sci-Fi Action Hit That Just Dropped On Netflix

Prior to forthcoming updates for Jesse Johnson's The Debt Collector, actor Louis Mandylor's latest starring role has long since finally gained ground with streaming audiences via Netflix for Mitch Gould's solo directorial debut,  Battle Drone. Production began in 2013 while any kind of promotion thereafter went pretty quiet aside from sales outlet Highland Film Group's own handling of it, and with its release last week is hopefully just the start for Gould since sharing the helm with 2009 thriller, Hellbinders.
In the vein of blockbusters THE EXPENDABLES and THE A-TEAM, a group of highly skilled mercenaries find themselves betrayed by the U.S. Government, and are forced to fight their way out of an ambush by a new, lethal humanoid drone. Get ready for some intense action!
Our own review is now one of several making the case for Battle Drone as more and more viewers offer their appeal. Mandylor is joined by actor and martial artist Dan Southworth who serves as fight choreographer, with actresses Natassia Malthe and Dominique Swain, and actors Oleg Taktarov, Richard Reid, Jason Earles, Michael Paré and Jo Marr also starring.

Check out the trailer below and find the film on Netflix today!

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