WONDER WOMAN 2: Kristen Wiig Up To Battle The Amazonian Godess As 'Cheetah'

With Marvel continuing to break records with its slate, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are towing things a bit carefully as they play catch-up with their comic book film schedule. Wonder Woman was an unquestionably significant step forward for the studio both commerically as well as critically and socially for fans proving to be a worthy shepherdess for female empowerment in cinema.

Production is now months away from filming its sequel which will be set in a modern period following the World War II backdrop of the first film that ultimately pit actress Gal Gadot in the title role against Ares. For this, Deadline has it on good terms that SNL veteran, actress and comedian Kristen Wiig (Ghostbusters, Zoolander 2) is up to play the villainess role of Cheetah for Patty Jenkins' return to the helm ahead of its Novemeber 1, 2019 release.

According to comic book lore, there are two female versions known in Marv Wolfman's Crisis On Infinite Earths series in 1985, and a male AND female version post-Crisis. That's four different incarnations in total, and while we can probably rule out at least one, we still need details on what the film's plot will observe. This ought to make things interesting.

Further casting remains pending. Stay tuned!
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