Viz Media's HUNTER X HUNTER: PHANTOM ROUGE Unleashes On Blu-Ray Combo Pack And DVD Next Week!

Furuhashi Kazuhiro's anime profusion of Togashi Yoshihiro's popular manga, Hunter X Hunter, stands truly as one of the most riproaring fight-heavy, emotively-driven tales ever captured for audiences. A tale of martial arts and boyhood amid otherworldly adventures culminate throughout for a ragtag quartet of friends aspiring to become "Hunters" for their own purposes, centrally for main protagonist, Gon, whose trepidating quest to find his long lost father is one that truly, and increasingly tests his mettle like never before.

It's a journey that become an anchorage for our four main heroes who, despite their differences, manage to bring them closer in the best and most triumphant ways. Gon's friendship with stoic, born and bred killer, Killua, is exemplary of this with a layered backstory that plays prudent for the rest of the series, as well as that of Kurapika, a lone warrior out to achieve Hunter status and grow his abilities in order to avenge the extinction of his clan at the hands of a deadly unit known as the Phantom Troupe.

His story in the anime sort of lands something of a bittersweet end, leaving to question if whether or not he feels truly at peace, which makes last summer's announcement of a standalone animated movie centered on his character all the more sweeter with its announcement last summer. Alas, leave it to Viz Media to blow minds and tug heart strings further with the forthcoming release of the new movie, Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge, arriving on DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack on February 20. All four unite here with battlefield BFFs Gon and Killua, as well as aspiring doctor Leorio, and our own Kurapika, and with a mystery that is much more than meets the Scarlet eye.
In the film, someone has stolen Kurapika's eyes—and according to him, it was another survivor from his clan who were massacred for their Scarlet Eyes! Gon and Killua begin investigating on his behalf, but shortly after they've begun, the Phantom Troupe appears!
Price tags vary for folks in U.S. and Canada with Combo Packs hitting store shelves as well as standard DVD releases. Check out the trailer below and hit up for your copy!

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