THE HIT LIST: February 26, 2018

I managed to wrap Yu Yu Hakusho over the weekend and now I'm wondering what anime should I take up next. For anyone with Crunchyroll or Netflix, you're more than welcome to throw some suggestions at me via Twitter or on our Facebook page. So...have at it.

L to R (top): Victoria Lee, Joseph Oreste, T. Ryan Mooney, Keith Davis, Zandara Kennedy
L to R (bottom): Luis Fernandez, Bryan Sloyer, Wendy Vrijenhoek, Morgan Benoit, Xavier Luo

Beyond that, my weekend also kept me preoccupied some with the latest and greatest of stunt and creative independent film action for another week's treats courtesy of our weekly column, The Hit List. First up is our usual YouTube playlist attributed to some of today's top and rising talent in film enlisting Zandara Kennedy, Frank Alfano Jr., T. Ryan Mooney, Gaby Rodriguez, Jonathan Gregg, Morgan Benoit, Kaanchana Kerr, Tanner Markley, Joseph V. Oreste, Wendy Vrijenhoek, Shaun Verth, Keith Davis, Josh Cavendish, Jeff Richardson and Reel Action Stunts.

Seldom being able to follow up with everyone has left me lagging a bit and with especially the work of Epic Rival who are reportedly hailing a roaring return to the masses in 2018. Their latest upcoming release, a The Broken Gear, just had its premiere at MagFest last month and time will tell what else comes of it, but the page already has a batch of stills teasinh the Final Fight fan flick inspired by the classic fighting game which casts Don Frye, Vonzell Carter, Mason Davis, Yoshi Sudarso and Sam Puefua.

Following that is a shortfilm project from director R.L. Scott that I've been following for a few years now. It's taken awhile to take shape due to circumstances behind the scenes but post-production is already underway for the new espionage action short with Eliver Ling, Christian Howard and Amy Johnston among the cast now seen in the latest official poster for Rihsing Studios's Option Zero. You will find that artwork just beneath while the official Facebook page is now up and running with plenty more to spy an eye on.

THE BROKEN GEAR - Epic Rival Teaser Pics

Onto the cinematic action and with genuine flair starting with Charles Haskins pitted against Victoria Lee and Amanda Cass over at Screen Combat Guys, followed by Gavin DeGraff and Davis MacDonald with a practice fight of their own, Luis Fernandez on The Hunt for Xavier Luo, and matters...well... Taken Personal by Jessica Medina, Mason Sharrow and Gabriel Rodriguez with Ronin Skai lensing.

From there we head over to the U.K. with actress Natalie Winter getting in some fight time with select members of the Academy Of Performance Combat. Narayana Cabral and John Palmieri set the tone for Scott Pilgrim-style home invasion thrills in Payback with Alicia Rodis and Alexandra Oliver, and Bat In The Sun returns with an alternative ending for their recent Superpower Beat Down pitting the Joker against The Walking Dead notorious fan favorite, Negan.

Rounding out the playlist is another entry from the work of a collective group of talents I will never not appreciate. Colour Me Red brings reaffirmation with its intense dramatic tone and compelling, brutal action with Bryan Sloyer, Jay Kwon, Kiera O'Connor and Dennis Ruel among those starring.

I'd say more but I dare not spoil it with mere words, so hit Play and enjoy!

L to R (top): Kaanchana Kerr, Mason Sharrow, Alicia Rodis, Kevin Porter, Gaby Rodriguez
L to R (bottom): Tanner Markley, Jessica Medina, Gabriel Rodriguez, Natalie Winter, Jonathan Gregg

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