THE HIT LIST: February 19, 2018

Welp... it's been a less than ceremonious weekend for me. Being sick didn't help much for want of seeing Black Panther (guess who is avoiding Facebook to abstain from spoilers!), but it did give me a chance to do some important work for the site.

From L to R (top): Tally Rodin, David Lavallee Jr., Anthony Hoang, Matt Healey, Nilo Ghajar-Williams
L to R (bottom): Bryan Sloyer, Jerry Quill, Emily Tung, Jae Greene, Kyle Murillo

Ultimately, that includes introducing the week's entries for The Hit List now online and with none other than stuntwoman Tally Rodin getting our stunt playlist off to an explosive start. Following that are reels by Aidan Kennedy, Ronnie Shalvis, Nilo Ghajar-Williams, Thomas Lorber and a parkour jam sesh hosted by 3Run. Rounding it all out are Daniel Bodlák, Marco Falcone, Emily Tung, Jae Greene, Rebecca Ahn and Robin Calvo.

Making the trailer rounds this week we now have a look at an upcoming project over at the Lunar Stunts channel with Cabine Mortelle. Plot details are nil but the teaser itself is really all you need to figure it out as it somehow leads to some fantastic fight scenery among our cast listing Allen Quindiagan, Pam star Stella Gomez and Lunar Stunts regular Irvin Nguyen. This one is coming in the Spring with an exact date pending, so don't nag me. 😛

Lastly is a project that comes from the same people who came on my radar a few years ago with stellar fan film, Croft, back in 2013. Actress and stuntwoman Cassandra Ebner and filmmaker Trevor Addie are now shepherding their latest webseries endeavor, Life XP, with Ebner set to play a jobless bookworm who gets more than she bargained for when she becomes a VR gaming hero, and with adventures jam-packed with as much action and ambition as the show's producers can hope. As such, with the hopes of gaining as many hits as possible to apply for the necessary funds and investment from fan interest, the people behind Life XP need your help in sharing the new proof-of-concept trailer they've just released.

That trailer bookends this week's trailer playlist just below. 

Kai Young and Alfredo Sanchez rev things up for the fights and films section of the Hit List along with two pre-viz fight gems over David Lavallee Jr., Matt Healey, Anthony Hoang and Manny Ayala, and Rustic B. with some stop-motion action and laughs pitting The Punisher, Batman, and a surprise challenger.

Actress and cosplayer Erin Haus makes her return to the Hit List via Duel Headed Lion as Black Widow while Jerry Quill leads in some Baton work over at the Sloyerstunts channel, Akbar Hasri faces off in a cool practice fight at his channel with Muhammad Akbar, and filmmaker Ulrik Bruchholz introduces yet another in a series of clips from the unreleased Mike Moeller headliner, Straight Blast, which you can also learn about by clicking here.

Kyle Murillo sets the pace at the helm for brilliant romantic action comedy, Love Struck featuring Caitlin Hutson, Omar Zaki and Dave Musselman, and Prashanth Guna takes the action from a high-speed chase to an off-road, knock-down, drag-out brawl in I'm Fine from Cyntage Films.

Finishing things off in fine fashion is a project straight out of Norway with Jonas B. Ingrebretsen's latest, Chauffeur, an action-packed Norwegian thrill-ride starring Andreas Haaseth in the story of a driver forced to fight his way out from between two sides of warring criminals in search of a USB drive following a robbery gone deadly. Chauffeur marks a first for Ingebretsen who wears multiple hats for his shortfilm debut and it's looks like a damn fine effort at that.

You'll find that one at the tail end of the playlist below. Push play and enjoy, my friends!

From L to R (top): Stella Gomez, Mike Moeller, Andreas Haaseth, Volkram Zschiesche, Caitlin Hutson
From L to R (bottom): Robin Calvo, Aidan Kennedy, Cassandra Ebner, Ulrik Bruchholz, Omar Zaki

If you at all enjoyed today's entries, you can find plenty more by clicking here, and share the Hit List with friends as freely and liberally as you please. And, if you or someone you know has an equally smashing stunt or training demo, practice fight or even a project that needs either promoting or sharing, run it by us via email at!
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