LIVERLEAF: Watch The Brand New Trailer For Naito's Psych Revenge Drama

Manga author Oshikiri Rensuke's Liverleaf is readying a theatrical release on April 7, and the first official trailer is now online. T-Joy is shepherding its Japan release with Nikkatsu representing the film internationally and so time will tell how long before we hear back on Litchi Hikari Club helmer Naito Eisuke's efforts.
"In a snow-covered village, my family was burned to death..."
Due to her father’s work, junior high school student Haruka Nozaki has had to move with her family to a rural town in Northern Japan. Transferred into a local school, she is treated as an outcast by the other students. Moreover, class bullies have turned her life into a living hell. Haruka’s only friend is Mitsuru Aiba, another transfer student. With him as her mental anchor, she does her best to tolerate the harassment that only seems to escalate as time goes by. One day Haruka and Mitsuru meet to do photography. While walking around the scenic, snowy town and taking pictures is perhaps too simple an act to call a date, it is enough to make them feel close. On the way home, they notice black smoke rising from down the road. It’s Haruka’s house! Fierce flames engulf it. Haruka is thrown into a panic. Devastated, she falls to the ground in anguish. Was it an accident or has the bullying finally crossed the line?
Tadano Miako, who debuted in 2006 with Three Year Delivery, adapts Oshikiri's work with actress Anna Yamada and actor Hiroya Shimizu leading the cast. Check out the trailer and keep this on your radar for festival activity and niche releases.

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