EFM 2018: Henry Rollins To Return For HE NEVER DIED 2

It's not easy to crowdfund a film. Such was the case for filmmaker Jason Krawczyk who, despite falling short of Indiegogo goals, managed to push forward for his third feature length pic, He Never Died, a semi-supernatural tale dipped in blood and family drama about a social recluse with a biblical past whose penchant for eating people finds him rescuing his long lost daughter from a vengeful crimeboss's kidnapping.

The film eventually saw screens at SXSW in 2015 before hitting audiences in theaters and via streaming. Fast forward three years later and whatever the case might have been since then, it seems Krawczyk is now in line to shepherd a sequel per The Hollywood Reporter out of Berlin with Sons of Anarchy series and Bad Boys 2 co-star, actor Henry Rollins reprising the role that marked his feature debuted. There's no word yet on further casting while Krawczyk plots a return to Canada for principal photography at North Bay, Ontario in May.
Henry Rollins is Jack, a socially detached cannibal cursed with immortality. Being the biblical Cain, Jack is not just burdened with everlasting life, but the haunting memories of thousands of years of monstrous violence. After saving his estranged daughter from his criminal past, Jack is now a wandering vagabond attempting to keep his supernatural compulsion in check. Along the way, he discovers some of the darkest souls humanity has to offer. Confronting depraved sadists reflects the similarities of his long life of destruction. Jack must now defy his inner demons and strike a balance of revenge, responsibility, and his ability to wipe out the earth's most deplorable psychopaths.
Zach Hagen is producing along with He Never Died executive producer David Miller, president at the newly-launched V71 Entertainment which is also selling the sequel at EFM this week.
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