PAPA, Come Home Heeds A Son's Desperate Plea In The Official Trailer

Director Nick Wong's newest brings a dose of heart and soul in the new crime drama, Papa, Come Home. The focus here is especially on the darkness of a father's world as he struggles with battles on multiple fronts - such is the case we get in this week's official trailer sampling the heavy-handed and intense family upheaval the script clearly goes for.
“Papa, Come Home” tells the story of Tong Bo (Jack Lim), a drug addict who lives a dark life. His wife Wai Ling (Lenna Lim)who passed away due to sickness, decided to put their only son Tong Zai (Jayden Sow) under the custody of Tong Bo, in hope that their son can warm the heart of Tong Bo and use “love” to help his father “come home”.
Jieying Tha, Kenji Sawahii, Dato' Norman Pang, Jack Yap, Zuraini Kassim and Prem Shanker round out the cast for the film's December 7 opening throughout Malayaia. Check out the trailer!

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