AFM 2017: WWII Action Drama, THE BOMBING, Gets Sales Movement Going Under Blue Box

The Hollywood Reporter is offering its first look at actor Bruce Willis in the upcoming World War 2 action drama, The Bombing. The new photo comes just as Blue Box International has launched sales at the American Film Market this week ahead of a hopeful 2D and 3D China release early next year.
Based on the infamous air raid attack on Chongqing during WW II, US Air Force Commander Jack Johnson (Willis) trains the Chinese people under harrowing conditions how to battle against the Japanese and leads his own aviation squadron against the trained Japanese Air Force.
The film, currently in post-production, hit a stalemate with investors last summer which led to a delay in its China release. Xiao Feng (Hushed Roar) directs with art direction led by Mel Gibson (Hacksaw Ridge), joining Willis with Bingbing Fan (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Iron Man 3) and Nicholas Tse (The Stool Pigeon, Bodyguards and Assassins). Stephen J. Eads, Haiyang Jiang, Jian-Xiang Shi and Buting Yang produced the film.
"We are delighted to be partnering with China Film Group and Hollywood Int'l Film Exchange to bring this amazing true story to our international partners," said Patatian, Blue Box International’s Head of Sales. "Coupled with a stellar cast and the creative collaboration with Mel Gibson, the film has the perfect combination for a rich and dynamic theatrical experience for the worldwide movie audience.”
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