AFM 2017: Thirby, Ritchson And Fox Enter The Arena For MMA Romance Tale, SHADOW GIRL

Acclaimed Fort Bliss and Kettle of Fish helmer Claudia Myers is set to bring MMA action and romance to the forefront of her new movie, Shadow Girl. Lining-up the cast are Olivia Thirlby (The Stanford Prison Experiment, Dredd, Nobody Walks), Alan Ritchson (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), and Megan Fox (Transformers franchise, This is 40, "New Girl") for the new film hailing from Hipzee, Boundary Stone Films and Wrangle Entertainment​.
SHADOW GIRL is a magic-realist tale about a young woman who has faded to the point of becoming invisible and must find her way back into the world. After more than a decade of solitude and making a living in the shadows as a paparazzi photographer, Holly (Thirlby) meets the one man who can see her, Shane Blackwell (Ritchson), a disgraced MMA fighter working as a bouncer. Holly discovers that it was one of her tabloid photographs that caused his downfall, and that she must restore him to his former glory if she wants to regain a foothold in the world around her. With Shane, Holly awakens to love but also to the reality that she bears more responsibility for her fate than she ever imagined.
Producing are Hipzee's Tara Sickmeier and Rob Baunoch III, Boundary Stone’s Mark Schacknies and Khris Baxter and Wrangle Entertainment’s Robyn K. Bennett. Representing the film at the American Film Market (sans the U.S. and Canada) is Myriad Pictures whose Kirk D’Amico, Kevin Forester and Audrey Delaney, are executive producing along with Pete Conlin and Jonathan Hoffman at Sixteen19.
“Shadow Girl is fundamentally about our need for connection and seeing beyond our own experience,” said writer and director Claudia Myers. “It's easy to get lost in a world where your sense of self is dependent on others.”
Rounding out the cast are Jim Gaffigan, Maria Dizzia and Tito Ortiz for the production which is also consulting with MMA trainers and fight professionals. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the team also includes fight choreographer and trainer Emmanuel Manzanares (Divergent, Kickboxer: Vengeance, X-Men: Apocalypse) with Tim Gallin (The Following, Marvel's Doctor Strange) serving as the film's stunt coordinator.
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