WILDERNESS: Watch The Trailer For Kishi Yoshiyuki's New Two-Part Boxing Drama

Actor Suda Masaki had something of a cameo by-name in this week's Slip Arc premire of TV Tokyo anime, Gintama. It was a hilarious moment in a fine show and otherwise credits the actor firmly among fans following his career which also includes the aforementioned show's live-action film from July.

At any rate, fans are just days away from catching the actor back on screen in the new film, Wilderness, inspired by Terayama Shuji, author of the 1966 novel, "Ah, Koya". Adapted for the screen by Minato Takehiko and helmer Kishi Yoshiyuki, the upcoming two-parter set in a not-too-distant future Shinjuku where a troubled youth and a stuttering recluse meet in a boxing gym - a succession in overcoming their own personal odds...

Masaki and actor Yang Ik-June lead the two films opening in succession on October 7 and October 21, and the latest trailer has arrived. Take a look!

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