VENOM Seeps Into Production As Cameras Roll This Week

Sure to abstain from Tom Holland's current reign as Marvel hero "Spider-Man", director Reuben Fleischer has since taken the mantle for Sony's latest dark superhero pivot, Venom, based on the aforementioned property and currently spinning off with its own film adaptation. Tom Hardy stars in the title character for the film's slated release next October, and can be seen in the first official set photo shared over at the film's verified Twitter account.

Venom was created by Randy Schueller, David Michelinie, Mike Zeck and Todd McFarlane. Having first appearer in 1984, it would gain further prominence as a villain several years later as an alien symbiote who needs a host to survive, ultimately taking on several including Peter Parker rival, Eddie Brock.
Hardy's performance will be the first of the character's full-fledged return to live-action cinema in eleven years since Spider-Man 3 opened in 2007 with Topher Grace in the role. Rounding out the current cast are Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate and Reid Scott with a script by Scott Rosenberg and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 scribe Jeff Pinkner and with Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are producing along with Amy Pascal.
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