THE SIEGE: Paul Allica Leads Ensemble Medeival Robin Hood Redux Action Thriller Now Underway In Australia

Crowdsourcing proved to be a hurdle early on, but that's not putting a stop to Australian actor Paul Allica (Wolf Warrior 2, Sky Hunter: Locked On Target) from completing his newest starring and producing endeavor, The Siege. Production is already underway and hailing as the first-ever medeival action film in Australia's movie history with Allica headlining something of a re-invention of Robin Hood folklore, assembling a tale of six heroes of legend who set out to bring down an evil tyrant and his minions.
Its a time of chaos and tyranny...

The once great country of England is splintering as its people struggle to pay for the crusades, with the King away and his territories being controlled by the corrupt Prince John, the country is on the verge of revolution. The people need a hero, and one shall rise and fight to restore honour to its people.

When his mother and sister are brutally murdered by the Sheriff of Nottingham, a young man named Robin of the Hood vows bloody vengeance on the men medeival. However, this is not a war he can win alone as he first must learn to work with and trust others who also seek to restore the nations past glories.

Advised and mentored by the reclusive and mercurial mystic named Merlin, Robin must gather a team of outcasts, mavericks and fugitives each of whom has a grudge to settle with the Sheriff and an extreme fighting skill they bring to the table. Working together they begin to tear the Sheriff's corruptive ways apart, helping the hopeless and rallying the dispirited villagers and prepare to assault the castle. But when Robin is captured, it up to his friends to rescue him, giving him the opportunity he needs to exact his revenge on the Sheriff and free the people from his brutal tyranny.

Putting his trust completely in his eclectic band of followers, Robin confronts and defeats the Sheriff, finally laying to rest the ghosts of his past.
Allica is joined by actress Kahli Williams (Crestfallen, Bloodhunt) as Freyda, a shield maiden and Robin's love interest. Actor and dancer Keanu Gonzalez will play Tuk (a variant of Friar Tuck), an expert at weapons and blacksmithing. Stuntman Peter Roordink (Turkey Shoot) is making his acting debut as the hammer-wielding Little John while Dave Beamish (Charlie's Farm) and Tom McCathie (Start Options Exit) are respectively set to play King Arthur mainstays, warrior knight Lancelot and iconic mentor and wizard Merlin.

THE SIEGE - Production Stills

Adding further to the cast is actress Wallis Murphy-Munn who plays an evil queen and actor David Macrae (Apocalypse Cult, The Priest) in the principal villain role of Sheriff of Nottingham. Arrow In The Head founder and co-star, actor John Fallon (The Shelter, upcoming Heretic) will play the Sheriff's brutal enforcer.

Stuart Stanton (Charlie Bonnett, 2013 shortfilm Sweet), is directing for a 2018 release with Allica and Fallon producing in addition to Shaun McFadyen who has been attached to the project since earlier this year. Bearing the production following the Chinese model of dual directors in mind, also producing is action team Showdown Action, headed by Jackie Chan Stunt Team veteran Paul Andreovski (Who Am I?, The Medallion, New Police Story) who will serve as action director.

Australian outlet 9 News Western Victoria recently covered the film in a behind the scenes segment with a few words by Allica and Beamish. Check it out below.

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