THE HIT LIST: October 9, 2017

As we speak, I am completely overwhelmed and ecstatic with what I just saw over the past week and this weekend. Sadly none of it includes what happened at New York Comic Con since I couldn't go but I had plenty to keep busy with.

I'm also hugely thankful to Chicago stuntmen and podcast hosts Ryan Carr and Bob Beck over at The Ryan Carr Show for plugging in our site as part of their ceremonial launch of season two for their hit talk series!

Speaking of which, there is a LOT to cover for this week's installment of Hit List starting with actress, martial artist and fight choreographer Diana Lee Inosanto following her most recent stint on Dr. Phil. We follow that up with Martial Club's own Daniel Mah and more stunt and training action courtesy of David Russell Graham, Meghan Koch, Justin Jones, Jonathen Pantera Wallace, Emily Tung, Ai Ikeda, Joseph Roark, Marques Archie and Andrew Long, with Reel Deal Action member and premiere fight choreographer Tanay Genco Ulgen and Hollywood stunt coordinator Scott Rogers laying the groundwork for a quick reminder that David Ayer's new movie, Bright, is coming soon.


For the promotional end of things, bringing you full circle with the aforementioned Mr. Rimburg is priority this week and for this, we turn to the most recent trailer presented for upcoming Woods Entertainment short, Princess Chronicles. As it turns out, the short is officially being deemed as part of a much larger and more important effort gearing toward a stellar, thrilling new webseries aimed at funding two seasons of 25-minute episodes, essentially rewriting how princesses are envisioned in film and television, and with the promise of sheer, epic battle sequences to bookend each episode.

If you know Rimburg, you know epic battles are his specialty, and it just so happens that he will be reteaming with filmmaker Stephen Reedy (Undercut, The Forge, The Man From Death), whose work is an equal nebulous of awesome. Of course, this series, like most projects that need the help of loyal geeks and fans who can possibly either spare a buck or five or more, or even spread the gospel online, needs your help now more than ever, and with two months until D-day, we can make this work. The official campaign is now live via Indiegogo with all the listed perks available in kind for your donations, along with a four-minute offering of what's to come with full-on performances by Amy Johnston and Mickey Facchinello, and an addenum by Rimburg himself at the end.

Additionally, this week's trailer playlist below comes comprised with fresh new promos and trailers for Oliver Hollingdale's John Wick: Prologue, Urban Action Showcase & Expo entries - Rising Tiger Films shortfilm sequel Baddest 2 and Jordan Cann's resilient return to action horror form in Vampire's Rage, Tanguy Guinchard's latest Swiss shortfilm thriller with action sequences by Team Stama titled USB Protocol which airs December 9, and Kamen Ramen Studios with an epic trailer for upcoming DC-inspired fan webseries, Kid Flash.

I seriously hope you folks out there have some free time on your hands because this week's fight and film selections are certain to keep you occupied for quite sometime. Starting off, we begin with a trio of Vimeo exclusives and the first comes from performers Ieisha Auyeung and Mig Buenacruz with Taylor Tai lensing. Afterwards we catch up Airon Armstrong who offers us a spry little longsword-versus-butterfly sword practice fight sequence together with Adam Lytle who I discovered by around 2014; that these two managed to find each other to help create some indie action magic is just delightful.

The second comes from Bulent Ozdenir whose most recent offering, Shadow Warriors, got some audience favor at this year's launch of the Fighting Spirit Film Festival in the U.K.. Samuel Mak, Linda Louise Duan and Blake Ridder star in the shortfilm helmer's sixth project to date which you can now view online.

The ensuing playlist beneath kickstarter with a brief fight practice gem from David Lavallee Jr. and performers Amanda Cass and Alison Pinault. Bronson Cameron and Jon Wei Jun commence their Downfall with Joshua Zacharias lensing before we surge onto some major kung fu action at Art School Dropouts between Joey Min and Sifus Omar Sharif Anael Bey and Brian Kuttel, and Dominique Smith returns to the Hit List with the aforementioned Mr. Roark who leads the new proof of concept piece, Relentless.

Kai Fung Rieck via YouTube (Front: Brian Le, Rear: Andy Long
Next in the playlist is something just plain insane. It's all in German but whatever it is has Martial Club's own Brian Le overzealously doing a split, and stuntwoman and actress Marie Mouroum committing vehicular manslaughter. Said insanity is called Wedding from Kai Fung Rieck and with Andy Long and Vi-Dan Tran also starring.

From there, we head over to Kazakhstan for a timeless Love Story led by Baur Abishev and actress Alma Alisheva along with pehaps one of the most beautiful music scores I've heard for scenic wideshots in a long time. Afterwards, we catch up with Singapore's own Wayne Tan brings silly fun and inspired Hong Kong action feats to the table with Kasimir Poh Cieslak and Joseph Chai for Conspiracy.

The cream of the crop this week comes courtesy of Aussie director Johnny Balazs, and the firm, solid teamwork hailing from Prima Lux Films and star James Conrado for the award-winning martial arts action shortfilm hit, Dancer. I've waited since earlier this year to present it on the blog for you folks and I'm proud to do so as the cherry-on-top entry for this week's Hit List.

Enjoy the hits!

I welcome you all to subscribe to these channels for your show of support, and don't forget to snack on previous Hit Lists for even more of the best the world of genuine online action film and stunt talent has to offer. Apart from that, if you're one of those talented people creating grand and amazing shortfilm projects with terrific screenfighting and you want featured on the Hit List, email us at!
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